Patel Conservatory boasts a 45,000 square foot facility which opened Dec. 4, 2004 and includes five teaching studios, six private lesson studios, two teaching classrooms, a state-of-the-art black box theater, dressing rooms, costume shop, and Chairmen’s Library. In addition, the Straz Center’s four theaters, rehearsal hall and theater lobbies are used throughout the year by the conservatory for camps, classes, rehearsals and performances.

For rental inquiries, please contact Aubrey Paffenroth at Please include the purpose of your rental, and the date(s) and time(s) you prefer.


TECO Theater (not pictured): State-of-the-art black box with 175 capacity movable seating bank.

301 Studio: Mirrored, marley covered floor with sound system.

302 Studio: Mirrored, sprung floor studio with piano, barres and sound system. The same size as Ferguson Hall stage, this studio is used predominantly for dance classes and rehearsals.


303 Studio: Curtained mirrored studio with piano and CD player. Used for small theater and music classes.

306 Studio: Mirrored, marley covered floor with barres, piano and sound system.

207 Studio: Curtained mirrors on opposite walls, marley covered floor with piano, whiteboards, barres and sound system. Footprint is the size of TECO Theater’s playing space. May be separated into two smaller studios. Used for dance, theater and music classes.

121 Classroom: Carpeted studio with whiteboard and piano

Private Lesson Studios: Six private lesson studios include a piano or keyboard and mirror.

Group Piano Lab: Outfit with 7 electronic keyboards and one piano, this room is used for private lessons and group piano classes.

108/109 Dressing room: Multiple lit and mirrored stations with chairs and airwall partition. This room is also used as a teaching space when available.
Shop (not pictured): Fully outfitted and ventilated workspace for set and prop construction.

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