All persons, regardless of age, must have a ticket to attend any performance at the Straz Center.

By Florida State law, it is illegal to offer or sell a ticket to any Straz Center performance for more than $1 over the face value of the ticket.

Tickets ordered within nine (9) days of the performance will be held at the Will Call and will not be mailed. To pick up tickets you must show photo I.D.

Photography or recording of any kind is not permitted.

Firearms or weapons of any kind are prohibited on Straz Center property. Straz Center Security Services reserves the right to inspect all bags and confiscate any prohibited items. A full list of prohibited items can be found at or by request at the Ticket Sales Office.

All electronic devices should be switched off or to a silent mode while inside the theater. Texting or e-mailing during a performance is prohibited. If you need to use your phone during a performance, please exit the theater first.

Drinks purchased at the Straz Center are allowed in the theaters at most performances, with some exceptions; please check with your bartender, server, or any Straz Center employee about the policy for your specific performance.

Snacks purchased in the lobby are permitted in the Jaeb Theater. No food is permitted in the other theaters.

By Florida State law, the Straz Center is smoke-free environment. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is only permitted outside the building in designated areas.

Although the situation rarely occurs, the Straz Center reserves the right to change your seat if necessary because of production issues, audience safety or duplicate seating.

The Straz Center strongly recommends that children 5 years of age and under only attend shows in the Wee Folk and Kid Time series, or other performances designated as,“Toddler Friendly.” Broadway shows are never Toddler Friendly.

Many shows presented at the Straz Center may not be enjoyable or suitable for children of any age. Some shows may contain mature content, language and/or themes.

Parents are best qualified to determine what is appropriate for their children. The Straz Center encourages parents to make an informed decision by seeking independent information about shows before making a purchase. E-mail questions to and we’ll try to help.

Please take into consideration the interests, maturity and attention span of any guests you decide to bring to a performance, as well as the potential experience of the patrons that will be seated around them. We want the theater to be a good experience for everyone.
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