FAQs and Helpful Hints

Q: Where can I reach Group Services?
A: You can e-mail groups@strazcenter.org the Group Services Department or call 813.222.1018.

Q: Do you have bus parking?
A: Yes. Bus parking is on the north side of the building and is free of charge. Bus parking is limited so notify your Group Services team member that you will need bus parking and you will receive a bus pass included with your tickets.

Q: Can you recommend dining nearby?
A: Yes. There are several dining options including Maestro’s Restaurant at the Straz Center. Maestro’s also does catering for special events. Tell your Group Service team member that you are interested in more information about your dining options.

Q: Can I see ahead of time where my Group’s seats are?
A: There are seating charts available on this website for both Carol Morsani Hall, Ferguson Hall and the Jaeb Theater. There are no seating charts available for the Shimberg Playhouse and the TECO Theater.

Q: Do you have wheelchair accessible seating?
A: The Straz Center is dedicated to providing persons with disabilities the necessary measures for a comfortable and enjoyable experience including seating for persons with mobility impairments, infrared listening devices, special signed performances and more. For more information about accessibility at the Straz Center, click here.

Q: How do I get to the Straz Center?
A: Click here for directions.

Q: I have my group together. Now what?
A: Decide which shows you are interested in and fill out an online reservation form. A member of the Group Services team will help you with pricing, payment schedules, deposit requirements and seating placement. You will receive a contract in the mail outlining these points to assist you in keeping the project together.

Q: How do I pay for the tickets?
A: You may pay with cash, check, gift certificate, money order, or charge card. We ask that only one (1) form of payment be used, rather than numerous checks or credit cards. Checks need to have the following information on the front of them: printed name, address, phone number; signer's name (printed); the state where the license is issued from; the date the license expires. Checks cannot be accepted within (2) weeks of show date.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?
A: Not only can a member of the Group Services team help with your tickets, but we can also help in planning your dinner arrangements. Working in conjunction with our catering department, we can help with your plans for a reception, party, sit-down dinner -- whatever you desire. We look forward to greeting your group! Don’t find the answer to your question here? Call 813.222.1018 to speak with a member of the Group Services team.

Get started early. It takes a while to decide which performance to see, get the word out, set up transportation, arrange meals, collect money, etc.

Keep in touch. Scheduling changes can occur or your plans may change; either way, a periodic call (813.222.1018) or e-mail to Group Services at groups@strazcenter.org is always a good idea. When the Group Services team is kept informed and up-to-date, they can work with your individual situation to give you the greatest number of options.

Get the word out. After you have chosen your show, prepare a notice for your Group. Don't just announce it in a meeting -- send out a written notice. People forget they need time to think about it, they want to talk to their friends. Having that notice keeps your plans on top of "Things To Do." Group Services can help by either providing you with artwork, a show poster, or other show collateral that may help you get the word out. Just call us at 813.222.1018 and let us know your needs.

Stick to your deadlines. Once the seats are reserved, you will receive a contract stating your deposit and balance payment dates. Make every effort to get your group members to pay you early. The deposit is important in ensuring your priority seating. Final payment must be received by the due date or the seats will be released to the general public. If circumstances arise where an extension of time is necessary, call the Group Services Department at 813.222.1018 for possible options.