A strong endowment ensures financial stability by providing a permanent source of funding. The endowment allows the Straz Center to stretch artistically, enhance its educational programs, and maintain and expand its state-of-the-arts facility.

You may have a special interest at the Center and wish to support a specific activity. With a restricted gift, you can direct your support to one of the following funds:

Capital Fund
This fund enables the maintenance, refurbishment and expansion required to maintain the Straz Center as a world-class facility.

Education Fund
This fund provides general program support for activities at the Patel Conservatory for the Performing Arts.

Program Fund
This fund supports the Straz Center’s cultural and family programming.

Opera Tampa Fund
This fund supports Opera Tampa performances and activities.

Scholarship Fund
This fund provides tuition relief for deserving students at the Patel Conservatory.

Another great way to provide an unrestricted gift is to endow your annual contribution. The Straz Center depends on its annual donors to balance its budget. But once you are gone, your annual contribution stops. By endowing your annual gift in your estate plans, your support of the Center lives on forever.

The Straz Center has proven to be one of the most important assets in our community. With your support, the Center will reach new heights in the 21st Century – and beyond.
Contact Julie Britton at 813.222.1035 or julie.britton@strazcenter.org for more information.