The Straz Center boasts five theaters, a Rehearsal Hall and a beautiful Riverwalk. Each venue has a unique personality and each venue hosts different kinds of events from touring Broadway, grand opera, jazz concerts, performance art and a free movie series on the lawn. Online maps show approximate seat locations and should be used as a general guide only.

Carol Morsani Hall

Inside Carol Morsani Hall

The 2,610 seat Carol Morsani Hall (with Ruth Silbiger lobby) has a 60 foot high proscenium with playing depth of 55 feet and a total stage width of 120 feet. Combined with an 11-story backstage, it easily accommodates major Broadway productions, operas, ballets and orchestral concerts. A 42-ton concert wall can be lowered for orchestra and choral performances. The horseshoe-shaped opera house has continental seating on four levels.

Ferguson Hall

Inside Ferguson Hall

The elegant 1,042-seat Louise Lykes Ferguson Hall boasts comfortable orchestra seating and two tiers of curving balconies, creating a unique blend of intimacy and spaciousness. With a 40 foot wide by 30 foot high proscenium, a total playing depth of 50 feet and a total stage width of 80 feet, plus orchestra pit and concert wall, the Ferguson Hall offers flexibility that also suits corporate meetings, lectures and seminars.

Jaeb Theater

Inside Jaeb Theater

The 312-seat Robert and Lorena Jaeb Theater's stage is 40 feet wide by 20 feet deep. The audience area can be configured to stadium or cabaret seating for plays or cabaret shows, as well as recording sessions, television productions, seminars and business meetings. The Jaeb has up to 545 capacity, standing room only.

Shimberg Playhouse

Inside Shimberg Playhouse

The 130-seat Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Playhouse is an intimate, specially-designed, flexible "black-box" theater that allows for varied configurations of traditional or three quarter seating, as required by the production.It is general admission and no seating chart is available because the theater setup changes with each production.

TECO Theater

Inside TECO Theater

The 3,500-square-foot TECO Energy Foundation Theater is two stories of open space. Blackout curtains convert the rehearsal space into a performance space. There is no permanent stage and all furnishings are portable for maximum flexibility. The TECO Theater is general admission and seating chart is not applicable.

Rehearsal Hall

Inside Rehearsal Hall

The Rehearsal Hall is a 70 foot wide by 50 foot deep by 30 foot high rehearsal space with full-length mirrors and ballet barres on three walls. Full-length curtains are hung for masking the mirrors and dampening the room acoustically. The Rehearsal Hall is general admission and seating chart is not applicable.

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